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IP CCTV Pre-Configuration

Norbain’s pre-configuration service reduces the amount of time engineers spend on site by preparing the system prior to delivery. Norbain will unpack all the equipment, configure the IP CCTV system and re-pack it before shipping to site. In addition to saving time, this also reduces the risk to the installer as the equipment is fully tested during this process.

Norbain’s purpose built configuration centre is capable of delivering a variety of services such as:

  • Programming of IP addresses into cameras and servers to make all devices present on the network
  • Installation of software onto servers
  • Configuration of software/NVR to communicate with cameras
  • Setting up camera streams for quality and rate in accordance with client requirements
  • Configuration of software/NVR to record streams
  • Delivery of camera and equipment schematics detailing IP address and MAC address

These configuration services are designed to be flexible and can be tailored to respond to a customer’s needs, so please contact your account manager to discuss any requirements you may have.