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Norbain joins Raid-control Trust

Dec 13 2004

Norbain SD, Europe’s largest distributor of electronic security solutions has committed itself to promoting the values of Raid-control™, by joining the Raid-control Trust. This national crime prevention initiative aims to raise security standards in retail premises, thereby reducing the risk of these businesses becoming the victims of robbery while improving the likelihood of those responsible being identified and detected.

Raid-control™ is a partnership initiative between the Police, the trade association for the security industry (British Security Industry Association), representatives from the insurance and retail sectors, and other trade associations. The core of the initiative is the Raid-control™ Certification Scheme administered by Police Crime Prevention Officers. To achieve Raid-control™ compliance premises (not the organisation) must achieve the required standard in five areas: Robbery Awareness Training, Cash Minimisation, Time Delay Systems, Image Capture Systems and Indelible Note Staining.

In respect of Image Capture Systems, the certification procedure details the minimum specification required for CCTV, as Ian Fowler, Norbain’s Technical Training Manager explains:

“CCTV is an essential element to the Raid-Control™ certification scheme. The standard is quite explicit in requiring the capture of good quality images and this will have an impact on the quality of equipment, system design and operational standards that retailers need to implement in order to achieve compliance. Many retailers with an existing CCTV installation may discover that the system needs updating or adjusting in order for it to comply.”

The specification for image capture systems states that all systems should: 

·                     Provide good quality images.

·                     Be designed to capture full frame shots of the heads and shoulders of all people exiting the premises. This should ensure that images of criminals are captured whilst leaving the premises and discarding any face masks etc.

·                     Have the capability to record a full-length view of a person 1.92m tall, to occupy at least 60% of image height, in at least one of the captured images.

·                     Have embedded date and time.

·                     Operate under existing light levels within the premises.

·                     Be regularly maintained to ensure continuous quality of image capture and retention.

·                     All image systems and management processes must comply with the Data Protection Act (DPA) and any applicable British Security Industry Association (BSIA) codes of practice.

·                     Have signage displayed in the customer area to advise that image capture systems are in operation (DPA).

·                     Be operated by the correct procedures to ensure an evidence trail is recorded and can be retrieved for evidential purposes.

Ian Fowler concludes:

“One of the most difficult specifications relates to the capture of clear images of all people exiting the premises. Positioning a discreet exit camera so that it can capture the face of someone who may be looking down at his shoes or trying to evade identification can be very difficult, especially in twilight conditions. By participating in the initiative the Trust will benefit from Norbain’s extensive product and design expertise. In particular we will be highlighting products and solutions that we believe can contribute to the design and installation of Raid-control™ compliant systems and contributing to guidance documents and training to help retailers comply.”

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