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CCTV keeps an eye on Concorde

Nov 2 2004

Norbain SD, Europe's largest distributor of electronic security solutions, announces today that the Concorde exhibit at Manchester Airport’s aviation viewing centre is now protected by an advanced security system installed by TIME CCTV of Macclesfield with equipment supplied by Norbain. The system, combining CCTV surveillance with perimeter protection, includes continuous monitoring through both an on-site centre and an out-of-hours remote facility.

Concorde’s arrival in April 2004, following the grounding of the entire Concorde fleet, significantly raised the profile of the exhibit and the visitor numbers to the airport’s aviation viewing centre. TIME CCTV of Macclesfield was commissioned to design and install an appropriate security system, which they built using Norbain-supplied equipment.

The system uses five cameras and four PIR detectors, with the images being stored on a local DVR. The four external cameras are 1/3” Pecan SC5712ST high resolution low voltage colour/monochrome using Computar lenses – the TG4Z2813AFCS vari-focal 4X 2.8~12mm lens, and the longer focus TG10Z0513AFCS vari-focal 10X 5~50mm lens, all in Dennard D506 outdoor housings. The PIR detectors are Redwall LRP100Q units with a range of 100metres. In low light the whole area is illuminated by infra-red light from four Vista 300W Infra-Red flood lamps, with infra-red being used because of the restriction on visible light at the airport perimeter.

The DVR is a VideoSwitch VDC/9/G160, a compact 9 way 160 gigabyte device with built-in CD writer for quick archiving of images. The on-site control centre uses a single Vista Tv14e colour monitor for viewing. Connection to the remote viewing centre is enabled by an Adpro 200905 FSM-Tx, Fast Scan Mini, 5 channel Transmitter, using a modem to link to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) for two-way connection with the remote site.

Dermot Grace, Norbain’s Managing Director explained “The Concorde exhibit is a symbol of technological excellence, and we are very proud to be associated with it through the solutions we have supplied to ensure its security. TIME CCTV has created a superb system, discreet yet highly effective, using products carefully selected from our portfolio. The installation timescale was met and the client, Manchester Airport Developments Limited, are extremely satisfied with the outcome. Yet another successful system has been delivered by a highly experienced installer and Norbain.”

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