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VVRD4V9DN/LED and VVRD2V6DN/LED Vandal Domes: click for high res

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Ensure you meet site requirements with Vista’s new vandal resistant dome range

Jul 24 2008

Reading, UK

Vista has released a new range of vandal resistant dome cameras providing 540TVL resolution, on-screen display and a range of enhanced features.

The range offers multiple switching point levels between day and night time modes allowing the installer to match the capabilities of the camera with the requirements of the site and the expectations of the end-user.

The 540TVL resolution makes the most of the latest DSP technology to provide around 13% higher resolution than previous models. In response to increasing concerns regarding the protection of sensitive information, four privacy zones allow for four separate areas to be blanked from view on screen, ideal for any cameras viewing ATM and chip and pin machines.

The new on-screen display menu structure adds functionality and simplifies installation and set up, while the x32 sens up allows for greatly increased sensitivity with frame integration allowing the cameras to resolve images even in very low light conditions. Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) provides clearer, crisper images in all lighting conditions.

Three variants in the range are available with two lens options of 4V9 and 2V6: The colour/mono units automatically remove colour content to provide cleaner, clearer monochrome images in poor light conditions and come with an 18 level user selection of colour suppression via the OSD. The day/night units have a moving IR filter and full IR sensitivity along with an 18 level user selection of IR filter switching pointes via the OSD, or via an external switch input to allow central control of any day/night unit. The day/night LED units come with moving IR filter and full IR sensitivity as well as 18 levels of user selection of IR filter switching point via the OSD. The integrated 23x high efficiency 850nM IR LED array with a range of 25 metres automatically activates via on-board photo-cells.

VVRD540_Aprvd.doc   VVRD540_Aprvd.doc
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