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Analyse the trends with the Vista People Counter

Jun 26 2008

Reading, UK

If you need to accurately identify the flow of people around a store, and track the trends over specified periods of time, then Vista has the solution for you.

 Using standard CCTV cameras, the Vi-Count People Counter obtains both ‘in’ and ‘out’ counts for two cameras, each covering up to two ‘lanes’, such as doors. Accuracy is extremely high – up to 95%, and results are very consistent which ensures reliable trend analysis. For larger applications, multiple units can be networked and integrated to cover larger facilities such as shopping centres and exhibition centres.

Powerful analysis software comes free with the installation, opening up a vast range of analysis capabilities on the PC. This helps users determine, for example, how many staff are needed to be employed during different times of the day to cope with demand, how effective a promotional activity has been and how many people have entered a building.

“Users can very quickly and simply get the system to produce patterns, without having to sift through pages of data,” says Andrew Pigram, Vista brand director. “No specialist training is required and the information is displayed in a clear and concise manner.”

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