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Vista’s VNPR Lite brings automatic numberplate recognition to new markets

Mar 23 2004

Vista (, the UK’s premier brand of CCTV equipment, announces today the release of VNPR Lite, an automatic number plate recognition system specifically designed for small and medium commercial applications.  Following the success of their fully featured VNPR system, Vista acknowledged that many commercial applications have different number plate recognition requirements to those of large public installations.  The result was the new system which brings cost-effective technology and plug and play operation specifically designed for the mid range market.  The two new products are VNPR111L for single lane use and VNPR211L for two lanes.

At its core, VNPR Lite has exactly the same proven numberplate recognition software that has underpinned the success of the Vista VNPR systems used in public applications, including extremely high accuracy capability - even at horizontal and vertical angles of as much as 30o.  The difference in VNPR Lite lies in the smaller number of cameras and lanes being handled, and the absence of links to external systems.  The resulting stand-alone unit is extremely simple to install and configure, and is affordably priced for the market.

Mark Pritchard, Divisional Director of Vista, explains.  “Our fully figured VNPR system has extensive features that enable it to be integrated into large public systems capable of monitoring multilane motorways and linking to systems such as GPS.  There is a clear need for a smaller system for commercial and private applications, yet still with the same reliability and accuracy.  VNPR Lite will be installed at hotels, clubs, and company car-parks, and the pricing brings it well within the reach of even some private houses.”

“The other key factor in the new product is ease of installation.  This is a very simple plug and play install, based on a standard PC.  When compared with the more complex public systems, this is a welcome breakthrough for installers. VNPR Lite can be set up out of the box in one hour once the cameras are in place.”

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