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Vista CCTV for Danish supermarket

Feb 26 2003

Vista and Plahn Systems A/S supplies CCTV to leading Danish supermarket chain, Rema 1000

Rema 1000, the leading Danish supermarket chain has contracted with Plahn Systems A/S of Alleroed to supply camera surveillance systems to Rema 1000’s stores. The selected system is Vista, the UK’s leading CCTV brand, supplied by Norbain SD, Europe’s largest distributor of CCTV and access control systems.

Rema 1000 tested four different surveillance systems before selecting Vista and Plahn Systems for the higher level of customer service available. Mr. Peter Bruun, Internal Revision Manager with Rema 1000 says: 

"A panel consisting of six grocers watched and tested the different camera surveillance systems, and they all agreed on the fact that Plahn Systems could deliver the best total solution. We are convinced that Plahn Systems not only during the test, but also in the future, will provide the promised service.”

"Of course we are very proud that Rema 1000 chose us as their supplier for CCTV surveillance” says Managing Director of Plahn Systems, Bjarne Plahn. He continues: "This is also a huge break-through for Vista in Denmark for which we are currently the sole distributor in this country."

“The installation was perfect, no loose wires. Incredibly positive attitude by serious people, who know what they are doing” says Mikael Soerensen, a Grocer in Hammel.

“We have had no nuisance whatsoever during the entire installation. It has taken place outside our normal opening hours, where there have been no customers and no personnel in the store. The system is very easy to operate even if you are no computer specialist,” says Grocer Hans-Joergen Poulsen from Rema 1000 in Floeng.

And he adds that they have already felt the effect that the Digital surveillance has had, as the cameras are visible to the customers. “Even when I am at my office, I can watch the store and see if there is any trouble brewing anywhere in the store, and by that I can go out there myself and take care of the situation. It is also very comforting when you are the last one to leave the store in the evening, you can check the monitor to see if there is anybody waiting for you outside”. Hans-Joergen Poulsen is convinced that the money is well spent.

The initial programme of work covers ten stores and includes the supply and fixture of 83 Vista Protos 3 colour cameras (VPC9032 - 1/3” CCD colour, 330 TVL, 0.9 lux sensitivity), 13 Vista Protos 3 colour cameras (VPC9132 - 1/3” CCD colour, 480 TVL, 1.0 lux sensitivity) and 10 Vista Protos 3 monochrome cameras (VPM8132 - 1/3” CCD, 580 TVL, 0.1 lux). Image recording is via 10 Vista Triplex Digital Recorders (VC16Te-160) each with a maximum of 16 video inputs and each incorporating a 160GB hard drive.

"Together with Vista, Plahn Systems can today deliver individual CCTV solutions, which covers the needs in each single store. Add to this a very high service level and I believe we have a winning combination. Other than CCTV, we are also marketing known brands within electronic article surveillance, access control systems and fire extinguisher systems. Plahn Systems are not yet the biggest, but we are trying to be the best”, says Bjarne Plahn.


Although established only two years ago the employees of Plahn Systems have many years of relevant experience in industry and retail:

"Success with customers is not about selling a lot of equipment, but on the contrary, it is about visiting the customer, listening and observing. You have to know the customer’s needs to be able to advise in the right way”, says Bjarne Plahn, who together with a professional team of very well skilled employees are ready to provide security solutions throughout Danish industry and retail sectors.

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