Bosch: Essential Video Analytics

Essential Video Analytics is the ideal analytics solution for small and medium businesses, large retail stores, commercial buildings, warehouses and logistics depots. It can be used for advanced intrusion detection (such as loitering alarms and identifying a person or object entering a pre-defined field), enforcing health and safety regulations such as no-parking zones, detecting blocked emergency exits or objects that have been left behind, and analysing behaviour in retail environments.



Intelligent Bitrate Management



Bosch use their expertise to deliver the most efficient bitrates with the lowest storage requirements and network strain – all without compromising the exceptional image quality. Bosch also offer the assurance that data is always stored in the most reliable and efficient way, even in situations when the primary storage device is either full or unavailable.


Data management solutions include:

  • Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction – reduces image noise before encoding
  • Intelligent streaming adjusts encoder settings based on the level of movement to achieve the most efficient bitrate
  • Latest H.265 video encoding for optimum compression
  • Video Recording Manager – optimum flexibility for storage


How Bosch Security protects against cyber threats


We live and work in an increasingly complex and hyperconnected world that demands a sophisticated approach to data security. Bosch offer end-to-end solutions that cover everything from cameras, servers, clients and storage devices, to network protocols and standard key infrastructures.


Bosch Security Systems’ 4-step approach takes data security to a whole new level:


  • Create trust by assigning every component in the network an authentication key
  • Secure data from hackers by encrypting it at the hardware level, using a cryptographic key that is safely stored in a unique built-in Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
  • Offer easy ways to manage user access rights ensuring only authorised people have access to your data
  • Support the set-up of a Public Key Infrastructure together with Bosch’s in-house Certificate Authority Escrypt